Far Cry 4's map editor won't support competitive multiplayer

Far Cry 4 multiplayer

The only thing I need from a map editor is the ability to stack thousands of explosive barrels, so I can then explode them to the chagrin of my graphics card. But others treat map editors as a tool for editing maps, and its this group that seems disappointed with the news that Far Cry 4's editor won't support competitive multiplayer.

The limitation was noticed during a recent Twitch stream. Viewers spotted that only challenge maps had editing options—leading to a now 129 page forum thread about the omission.

That restriction was then confirmed over Twitter by Alex Hutchinson, creative director of the game.

"I direct the game but I don't set budgets or timelines," he said. "We always squeeze in as much as we can, but we're always prioritizing.

"We're going to keep supporting the game so hopefully we can get it done post release. No promises but we will try."

I'm almost surprised at the ferocity of the fan reaction. But the forum thread suggests a sizeable competitive community exists—one that sees custom-made maps as an important part of the experience. Hopefully, Far Cry 4 will one day be able to serve them.

Ta, Eurogamer.

Phil Savage

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