Far Cry 3 will incorporate elements of the indie scene and social games

Far Cry 3 610

As reported on VG247 , Ubisoft Massive are developing Far Cry 3's multiplayer component. Their previous work includes the Ground Control and World in Conflict series. They also helped out on Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

A few snippets of info have leaked out of GDC via Twitter. Vox game editor Brian Crecente says that Massive are incorporating an "online universe" and adding "elements from the social scene and indie games." Intriguing .

Given Ubisoft Massive's previous experience, we could see some kind of persistent RTS mechanics, a bit like in Shogun 2: Total War. Maybe there'll be some form of asynchronous warmongering, or something comparable to Mass Effect 3's controversial War Assets . They could just be referring to Twitter/Facebook functionality though. That would be sad.

Ubisoft have enthused about unified single player/multiplayer experiences before. "You can see a point in the future where it all blurs together and we're no longer selecting between the two on the front end menu," creative director Jason VandenBergh told the Guardian last August. "If you're looking into the future and seeing that, you're not alone - there are a lot of teams working on that. It's a neat thing, it's cool." Maybe Jason was thinking of Far Cry 3 at the time, or maybe he was wasn't. What's your take?