Fantasy 4X game Endless Legend is free to play on Steam for a week

Endless Legend is a fantasy 4Xer, released in 2014, that provides a unique blend of strategy and "narrative flair," as we said in February. If that sounds like something you'd like to try, you'll be happy to know that from now until March 30, it's fully free to play on Steam.

"With everyone working from home, games have been a great way for the Amplitude team to stay social and connected. So, we understand why lots of our players have reached out to us wanting to play our upcoming historical strategy title Humankind—and as much as we wish it was ready for you guys, it's still a bit too early," Amplitude said. 

"Of course, Endless Legend and Humankind are very different titles, but Endless Legend is a beautiful game and one that we're very proud of. For those who want to get a feel of what Amplitude games are like, we think it's the perfect chance."

The Guardians expansion pack is also free this week through the Games2Gether rewards page, if the base game isn't enough to keep you going through the rest of the week.

Endless Legend – Emperor Edition is on sale for $7.50/£6/€7.50, 75 percent off the regular price until March 30. The Starter Pack, Collection bundle, Universe Collection bundle, and all individual pieces of DLC are also on sale.

Andy Chalk

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