Fan-made StarCraft Universe now in open beta

Remember StarCraft Universe? The ambitious, fan-made multiplayer StarCraft mod pricked up the ears of Blizzard's lawyers several years ago—probably because of it was initially called World of StarCraft—before heading to Kickstarter, with Blizzard's blessing, and under a new name. Upheaval, the team behind the free-to-play online RPG mod, raised almost $90,000 around three years ago, and now it's done. It's done! Well, nearly.

It'll be done in a month, but StarCraft Universe is in open beta now. You'll need either StarCraft II or its free Starter Edition to play, and if you have those, just load up, search, and it should be there.

There's an IndieGoGo campaign going on over the next month, if you'd like to give the team some money (they can't sell Universe, obviously, as they don't own the rights to StarCraft), but their mod/game/thing will release at the end of the campaign either way. Here's a cinematic trailer, followed by one that shows how the sorta-MMO plays:

(Ta, PCGamesN)

Tom Sykes

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