Fan-made Starcraft MMO gets a Kickstarter


StarCraft Universe, the fan-made MMO under development using the StarCraft II engine, is now on Kickstarter with Blizzard's blessing. The team, Upheaval Arts, is asking for $80,000 to fund the free-to-play project, with stretch goals that can add playable zerg, new PvP content, and an extension of the original storyline being developed.

The pledge levels mostly grant you access to in-game pets, vehicles, and consumables. Pitching in at $100 or more will let you leave a mark on the game by naming an item, an NPC, or even giving input on the soundtrack. If the project manages to raise $200,000 or more, the devs plan to add "Flashback Zones," recreating backer-selected scenes from StarCraft canon to be playable in SCU.

You can check out the Kickstarter page for more info on the project. As it stands, players will be able to choose between Terran (Marine, Ghost, Medic, or Firebat) and Protoss (Zealot, Dark Templar, Preserver, or High Templar), with playable Zerg classes added at $100,000. The mod will run through the StarCraft II free starter edition, in addition to the retail client, making it fully free-to-play.