Fan made map brings World of Warcraft to Civilization V

azeroth in civ v

Deathwing's bringing a fiery cataclysm to World of Warcraft next month, but imagine if instead of a colossal dragon bringing the apocalypse, it was an army of giant robots, supported by tanks and fighter bombers. Now you can make that a reality, with this wonderfully crafted map of Azeroth for Civilization V.

Below you'll find a massive overview of the map, you can click to enlarge it. Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms have been lovingly recreated using Civilization V's Worldbuilder tool. From the Night Elven homelands of Teldrassil to the spiralling maelstrom at the centre of the great sea, every corner of Azeroth has been crafted, given accurate terrain and dressed in resources.

You can download the map from the Civ Fanatics forum , simply drop the extracted files into your Civilization V map folder and you're away. If you fancy creating some new worlds of your own, check out our guide to using Civilization V's worldbuilder .

Tom Senior

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