Fallout: New Vegas trailer


Obsidian, the crack team of sequelologists who've been making Fallout 3's followup, Fallout: New Vegas, have just released a trailer. It contains the mandatory quota of explosions and shooty bang, showing some new weapons (including a very explodey detonator thingy towards the end), and it's heavy with Fallout's characteristic juxtaposition of being melted by a robot in a nuclear dystopia while toe tapping to care-free '40s crooners.

Lots of interesting things going on there - what's that bit with the rockets? Did he have a goo gun? How do you fight a space laser? Can we play blackjack while getting melted by a robot? Did you see the cloaking Super Mutant at 0:59 seconds? I bet there's still nothing worthwhile to be had for blowing up those Eyebots though. Who's excited about this? The prospect of a new Fallout game, by the creators of the original, with Steam integration instead of Games for Windows Live? We are.