Fallout: New Vegas patch incoming, DLC announcement imminent

Fallout New Vegas thumb

Fallout: New Vegas will be getting a big bug fixing patch ahead of the announcement of its next DLC episode. A post on Bethesda's forums says that the patch will add "optimizations and stability improvements," as well as fixes for the crashes and lockups that many players have been experiencing. The update will also be a few community requested weapon tweaks and balance changes.

We can expect the patch to arrive in the next couple of weeks, but the announcement of the next chunk of DLC is coming "very soon." There aren't any official details yet on what the DLC will contain, but a recently leaked trailer revealed that it's likely to be called Honest Hearts. The trailer was quickly pulled, but a fan at Duck and Cover managed to grab a quick screenshot. You'll find it below.

Not much to go on just yet. We'll have more on the DLC as soon as it's announced. Until then, you can spruce up your copy of Fallout: New Vegas with our selection of the top 25 Fallout: New Vegas mods .

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