Fallout Miami mod brings sun, sea and sand to the post-apocalypse

Miami, the city based on the classic Will Smith song, now has another claim to fame: it’s the latest city to be given a Fallout makeover. Fallout Miami is an in-development mod for Fallout 4, giving us a close look at what’s going on in post-apocalyptic Florida. It’s seen better days, but the beaches still look lovely and the art deco architecture is still standing. Mostly. 

Like all of Fallout’s cities, Miami is a ruined shell, full of dangerous beasties, warring factions, heaps of radiation, weird weapons—an acid water pistol, for instance—and local radio stations. Listening to Cuban tunes while battering mutants sounds particularly tempting.

It looks very Fallout, but all the sunshine and seaside shenanigans also call to mind Dead Island, right down to the undead—in this case, ghouls—catching some rays. This chap in particular looks extremely ready for his beach holiday. 

The Fallout Miami blog sees regular updates, detailing everything from weapon and enemy concepts to Miami residents that could become your companions. And along with the trailer above, there’s a very early gameplay video from last year showing off Miami Beach. 

While the beach is getting a lot of attention, that’s not all there is to Miami. The city is split up into districts, and while there’s a lot hotels, casinos, and tourist traps, you’ll also find retirements communities, an industrial district, golf courses, shopping malls and residential areas, both luxurious and otherwise. 

I don’t know about you lot, but I could sure do with a holiday. In the meantime, here are a few more screenshots. 

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