Fallout 76 player learns to fly by using mutations and team perks

When Fallout 76 came out I said I'd miss using console command cheats that let you do things like walk through walls and fly in other (singleplayer) Fallout games. But at least in part, it looks like you can still do some of that in Fallout by using mutations, and having the help of a few friends. A YouTuber named TYR, seen above, has figured out how to fly using the right combination of Fallout 76 mutations, perk cards, and pals.

A mutation called Marsupial lets you jump extremely high (at the cost of an intelligence debuff), while another called Bird Bones makes you fall more gradually (at the cost of strength). But there's also a perk card called Strange in Numbers, which means your mutations are enhanced if your fellow teammates also have mutations. When teamed up with mutated friends, that means TYR's already higher jump and slower fall became higher and slower respectively, to the point where he's basically just hovering in midair. Neat!

It looks a bit like using the 'tcl' console code, really, which lets you noclip and run through the air in Fallout 4 (though not through walls, at least). I guess we'll find out if this was actually intended by Bethesda, or if it's a unforseen consequence of having a couple of mutations and some very supportive friends.

Thanks, VG24/7.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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