Fallout 76 adds wheelchairs in response to request from disabled player

A wheelchair between two flamingos at Kel's Motel
(Image credit: Bethesda/Kelly Leunen)

Just over a month ago, Kelly Leunen posted on the Fallout 76 subreddit that she would like an in-game version of the wheelchair she uses in real life as a mobility aid to keep as a furniture item in her base. "It would make me so happy to have that little piece of me in my creations. And I think a lot of other people would enjoy it too (maybe for when you recreate a hospital/medbay)," she wrote.

A Bethesda community manager saw the request and passed it on, and as of the recent Steel Dawn expansion update wheelchairs can be built at your C.A.M.P. shelter alongside existing furniture items like beds and couches. Leunen built one between two flamingos at her motel-themed base, as she posted on Twitter.

Back when she first posted the request on Reddit, Leunen had to update it in response to people arguing that wheelchairs had no place in their extremely realistic post-nuclear fantasy world, saying, "I'm not asking for my character to turn disabled, I'm asking for a chair I can place in my camp, we already have loads of chair models." Leunen also pointed out that Fallout already has disabled characters like Proctor Ingram of the Brotherhood of Steel.

The wheelchair is a nice addition to Fallout 76's basebuilding, which players have been using to build everything from cosy homes to share with other players to diabolical math traps. As our James Davenport wrote, Fallout 76 didn't click for him until he got into the C.A.M.P. construction and started treating it like a zen garden sandbox, basically Animal Crossing with guns.

Jody Macgregor
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