Fallout 4's Creation Club 'horse armor' and Prey space suit are free for a limited time

Well, um, if you use the mod that removes Creation Club news from Fallout 4's main menu that I wrote about yesterday, you may have missed this Creation Club news: a few items from Bethesda's content shop are discounted or free for a limited time. Both the 'horse armor' and Morgan's space suit from Prey are free at the moment, and items like the modular military backpack and modern furniture workshop pack are 25% off.

It's not clear how long a 'limited time' is, and after clicking around Bethesda's site for a minute I didn't see an end date listed for this sale and giveaway. If you want some freebies or discounted items, I'd jump on it quickly. By the way, I recently bought  $15 worth of Creation Club stuff, if you're curious about what else the shop currently offers.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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