Fallout 4 pays tribute to player who passed away

In Fallout 4’s latest amusement park-set expansion, Nuka-World, there’s a chap who lives in the Southern-most point of the new area named Evan. You might’ve seen him kicking back atop a caravan, chilling under a well-worn parasol, but what you may not know is that his character represents a touching tribute from Bethesda. 

In a Reddit post two months, user NoohjXLVII wrote at length about how Fallout 4 helped him cope with his father’s untimely passing, and how he and his brother Evan would often speculate on what they’d do if the in-game event actually happened in reality. Towards the end of the post, there are a succession of emotional updates which explain that Evan has taken ill and, aged just 24, has passed away from diabetes-related complications. 

Yesterday, however, NoohjXLVII returned to declare Bethesda had read his original post and in turn has now added Evan to Fallout 4’s latest Nuka-World expansion. “Hey guys, it's me again,” NoohjXLVII writes. “I'm the one who posted that depressing post a couple months back, Bethesda responded to that post by turning my brother into a character that you can find in Nuka-World.”

Exactly where is depicted via this Imgur image of the new area’s map, and also via the following footage:

“Don't feel guilty about taking his stuff!” continues NoohJXLVII’s post. “He insists you take it and in real life he would give you the shirt off of his back to help those in need.”  

Thanks, Eurogamer