Fallout 4 boss rush mod brings Metal Gear Solid to the Commonwealth

Boss rush mods are often good fun, and ex1k's latest for Fallout 4 is a cracker. Named 'The 7 Stages of Justice', the project marks the creator's first handling of the game's creator kit and riffs off some very recognisable foes from the Metal Gear Solid series. 

Located in an underground bunker next to Vault 111, named Barku's Hiding Place, 7 Stages invites players into seven interlinked arenas—each of which houses an MGS-flavoured boss. Only by looting the corpse of each fallen adversary can you acquire the next zone's keycard, as well as whichever armour and weaponry they've brought and lost to the fight. 

"It can be hard or easy for you," explains ex1k. "This dungeon can be easy for high level players. I'm sorry for that. There is a lot of mods here in Nexus like 'Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance', with this mod it can be challenging for you guys. Just give [it] a try...I recommend to play without HUD and Enemy Radar. It makes it more fun!"

Upon entering Barku's Hiding Place, you're first faced with a Revolver Ocelot-like boss named Revolver Zartek—and the likes of Psycho Mantis, Gray Fox, Vulcan Raven and more await your arrival thereafter. 

Here's YouTube person theDeluxe Sam taking the neat mod for a spin: 

Ex1k's The 7 Stages of Justice can be downloaded via its Nexus Mods page