Fallout 4 airships mod adds a splash of BioShock Infinite to the wasteland

Despite what you've heard, the post-apocalypse rebuild doesn't need settlements. It doesn't need camaraderie or hope or faith in humanity. It certainly doesn't need an ex-military vet wild goose chasing around an irradiated Boston in search of his missing kin. What it does need is airships—and lots of them. 

Galejro's Age of Airships Fallout 4 mod aims to deliver the "golden age of rigid airships" to the Commonwealth, with 12 flying vessels, a cruiser and three missions that span the 1920s and '30s. 

Some are crafted with real-world creations in mind—such as Galejro's interpretation of the LZ-129 Hindenburg—while others are born from the creator's imagination. The ships themselves cannot be piloted, sadly, but are fully explorable and are pretty darn impressive.   

Galejro speaks about how Age of Airships works here:

As detailed there, the mod's trifecta of missions tackle tales about the Mafia, the Russian Revolution and the aftermath of the First World War. Set pieces down the line will target stories about the Spanish Civil War and the Ottoman Empire, says Galejro, and a junk ship might be introduced following numerous player requests.  

A full FAQ can be found on the Age of Airships Nexus page—which is where you'll find more on all of the above, and installation instructions. Creator Galejro notes Fallout 4's Far Harbour and Nuka World DLC packs are required beforehand.