Falling Frontier brings hardcore logistics and granular space combat to the dark future

Hardcore sci fi RTS Falling Frontier got a fresh trailer at the PC Gaming Show today, demonstrating a cinematic look at its space combat and unique atmosphere.

Following a totalizing war between the various offshoot colonies of our solar system, the survivors have fled to a new star system to build a home for humanity. Unfortunately, the old conflicts never died, and the different factions must battle for supremacy as they eke out an existence on these different worlds.

Falling Frontier has a strong simulationist focus, bringing the emphasis on logistics and supply chains of classic, tabletop wargames to a gritty, hard sci fi setting. Players must manage their shipyards, supply depots, refineries, and more to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and conversely these investments present juicy targets for a scrappy, under-funded faction looking to engage in a guerilla campaign.

Falling Frontier gets similarly granular in the heat of battle, with the game taking a page from legendary roguelike FTL and simulating the subsystems and crew compositions of individual ships, with it being possible to target and cripple these structures. This presents further avenues for tactical play and savvy micromanaging, allowing forces that are inferior on paper to turn the tide of seemingly unwinnable battles. This is not a game where you can click and drag to select a doomstack of battle cruisers and faceroll your opponents. Meathead strategy gamers like myself won't last long in Falling Frontier, I reckon.

Falling Frontier is scheduled for release later this year, and you can wishlist it now on Steam.

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