Fall Guys Season 2 will give you way more Crowns as progress rewards

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

There are only two ways to get Crowns in Fall Guys—by winning matches and by progressing through the season's rewards and earning fame points. Winning isn't all that easy, though, and in Season 1, Fall Guys only gave players a total of three Crowns for progressing through the entire season's worth of rewards.

Since many Fall Guys featured costumes cost a lot of Crowns—often the top part and the bottom part each cost 5 Crowns apiece—a lot of players simply can't afford to buy those costumes (or can only buy half). 

But Fall Guys Season 2, which begins next week, will be different. Instead of just 3 Crowns given as progress rewards in Season 1, Fall Guys Season 2 will let players earn 18 more Crowns, so 21 in total, even if they never win. It'll still take a while to unlock all those Crowns, but at least it will be possible for players to afford a couple of the pricey featured costumes without having to win a single match.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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