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Fall Guys' 4.5 update adds new rounds and almost complete crossplay with PlayStation 4

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys (opens in new tab)' mid-season update has just dropped, introducing new rounds, additional round variants and almost complete crossplay capability with PlayStation 4 players.

Lovingly nicknamed the Dave update, Fall Guys 4.5 is introducing two new rounds—Slimescraper and Button Bashers. Slimescraper shares similarities with Slime Climb, tasking your little bean babies with outrunning some slime across multiple floors. Button Bashers pops players in their own 1v1 duel across a bunch of mini-arenas. There's also "55 additional variants across 12 different rounds" which should continue to mix up and add some additional chaos to games. There's no list of all the different variants yet, but Hex-a-gone and Thin Ice are both getting low-gravity variants.

Crossplay between PC and PlayStation 4 players is pretty much complete now, too. Players on both platforms can matchmake across all game modes, including the new and improved custom lobbies. The only thing that's still not possible are cross-platform parties, but Mediatonic's use of the word "yet" in the patch notes implies it's hopefully coming in the future.

Latency when grabbing onto things has also been improved, with Mediatonic saying "things should be much more responsive now." Small bug fixes like physics-related issues and super strong throwing power have also been squashed.

Give the full patch notes a read.

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