Fable Legends is releasing this October, apparently

Fable Legends 3

If a new Microsoft marketing video is telling the honest truth, we'll be playing Fable Legends on October 13. The info is unceremoniously revealed during a recap of the company's San Diego ComicCon activities, and while the video is Xbox-centric, it's not unfeasible that the Windows 10 edition will release concurrently: it will support cross-platform play with Xbox, afterall.

Oh, and it's free-to-play. Joe Skrebels played it back in April and was impressed. "Above and beyond its role in the vanguard of a new operating system’s games, or the fact that it stands on the brink of a true multi-platform player base, or its general technical wizardry, this is a game that offers friends the chance to go on adventures together or to get ogres to fart on guys in big hats."

Update: It turns out that the video was not telling the truth. "No idea where they got this date," Game Director David Eckelberry said on NeoGAF. "We don't have an announced day of release yet, not even internally." Microsoft also said the date was incorrect, telling GamesRadar, "We look forward to opening the world of ‘Fable Legends’ to players this holiday, but don’t have anything more to share on specific release timing. The date listed in the San Diego Comic-Con Xbox recap video was incorrect and we apologize for any confusion.”

(Correction: We originally referred to Eckelberry as "Coral Griffon," which is actually his Gamertag and NeoGAF user name.)

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