Fable Fortune leaves Early Access later this week

The Fable-based CCG Fable Fortune, which hit Steam Early Access last summer, will go into full, free-to-play release on February 22. Leading up to the launch, Early Access players will be able to pick up some free Fancy cards, and a Fancy card pack, in the "Road to Release" log-in event. 

Fable Fortune has undergone a number of major changes since its Early Access debut, including the addition of a single-player mode called Heroic Tales and a new emote system that enables players to—among other things—fart at their opponents. The 1.0 update will feature a new number of stability and bug fixes, which will be detailed when the free-to-play release goes live. 

"We should also find out what Temple and Norman are up to," designer Gary Paskins of co-developer Mediatonic said on Steam. "And we may even see some new, but familiar faces debuting!" 

Until 9 am ET on February 20, players can pick up the Fancy Crazy Cat Lady card by simply connecting to the game and playing around. From 7 pm ET on February 20 to 6:59 pm ET on February 21, the Fancy Restless Spirit card will be up for grabs. And then from 7 pm ET on February 21 to 6:59 pm ET on February 22, the Fancy Bloody Augur card and a Fancy card pack will be free for all players. 

The Fable Fortune Founder's Pack, with 20 card packs, the Flaming Fowl Trophy card, and the "very rare" Giant Egg card, remains available for purchase on Steam for $15/£10/€13.   

Andy Chalk

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