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Extreme overclocking World Tour improved for 2016

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South African overclocking champion Goddy 'Vivi' Roodt

South African overclocking champion Goddy 'Vivi' Roodt

Community hub HWBOT has announced dates and locations for the overclocking World Tour 2016 and detailed improvements to last year's formula. The World Tour aims to open up the scary and rather privileged realm of extreme overclocking (opens in new tab) to mortal PC enthusiasts, including everything from lessons in PC hardware and first steps in overclocking to an unlimited liquid nitrogen party. And if 'extreme overclocking' means nothing to you, well, I spoke to South African champion (opens in new tab) Goddy 'Vivi' Roodt and HWBOT's Pieter-Jan Plaisier to clear that up.

Starting January 26 in São Paulo, Brazil, the World Tour will move through South Africa, France, Canada, Taiwan, South East Asia and, in December, Germany. Full date and ticketing information can be found here (opens in new tab).

The Tour comprises elementary overclocking workshops for those of you who are as scared of BIOS (opens in new tab) as you would be a rabid dog, unrestricted extreme overclocking with LN2 on tap for experts, and the Extreme and Amateur World Series, culminating in the World Championship Finals in Berlin.

It's a big push to engage people with an obscure and challenging hobby at the multi-core of PC gaming, and it's a pity (for me at least) that the UK is missing out.