Extraction's - formerly Dirty Bomb's - closed beta now open for business

It might be a little tough for you to recall the exact nature of Extraction, seeing how it's one of the blandest game titles around, so I'll help you out a bit. The game used to be called Dirty Bomb , and it still is Splash Damage's London-set free-to-play FPS. Whatever it's called, it's now entered closed beta - you can sign up for the shooty funtimes right here .

What can you expect from the beta, if you manage to bust your inside? Well, the game's Objective, Stopwatch and Execution modes are all included, though there's no indication of what those terms mean. You'll be able to "unlock a variety of Mercs" along the way - had they forgotten their house keys or something?

Ta, Blues News .

Tom Sykes

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