Experience gaming's wildest ending for less than $2

(Image credit: Playdead)

Steam is throwing a sale on its puzzle games right now, offering all sorts of great deals and throwing in a few demos to boot. There's some great stuff up for grabs—some of our favourite games are under $10 right now, and checking out Viewfinder's demo is an absolute must. One of the best deals we've sniffed out so far, though, is being able to nab our 2016 Best Shortform Game for less than $2.

Playdead's atmospheric puzzle platformer Inside is only $1.99 / £1.69 until May 1. That's a huge 90% off for Limbo's spiritual successor, and well worth the price for an absolute rollercoaster of an experience. It's the cheapest the game's ever been in dollars, though those in the UK will find it's 20p more than SteamDB's lowest recorded price point. 

It's a pretty short game clocking in at around four hours, but offers one of the wildest endings in gaming. I won't spoil it here, but it was significant and powerful enough to earn our 2016 award for Best Shortform Game, while stirring up tons of discussion among our writers and editors. Former PC Gamer staffer Samuel Roberts called it "A four hour journey into an unusual, cruel and consistently surprising world," while Phil Savage said "As a puzzle, it's pretty good—although falls foul of Playdead's usual fondness for trial-and-error. As an atmospheric experience, though, it's marvellous." 

Mollie Taylor
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