Expansion full of bees and mini-golf coming to Nobody Saves the World

Let's talk about a game that was pretty dang good and we didn't talk about enough because it came out in January and nobody pays attention to games that came out in January: Nobody Saves the World.

Why? Because the wonderful dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash RPG where you turn into slugs and zombies and dragons is getting an expansion, Frozen Hearth, primed to release next month on September 13th. It'll add the ability to turn into a Mechanic or the internet's* favorite thing: A bee.

Frozen Hearth will be $5, or bunlded with the base game for $28. I'm honestly delighted to play more of what was—to me—one of this year's best goofy action games. Transforming between Nobody's 18, or I guess 20 now, different forms was a blast—you can be a weird magician with rabbits in a hat, or a slug. Fun! Good!

Jon Bailes gave it an 80 in the PC Gamer review. He called Nobody Saves the World "delightfully silly" and "playful," saying that it "puts the grin in grind." Elaborating, he said that it's not "harshly traditional, withholding tasty challenges until you've eaten your greens, with only the occasional stat boosts to demonstrate the nutritional benefits. Rather, it asks: what if the grind wasn't a means to an end or an imposition, but satisfyingly playful in itself? Then shows exactly how."

Frozen Hearth will add a new area filled with strange trials called The Tempering, during which you'll unlock those new forms. The Bee seems like it can lay down damaging swarm auras and has a speedy melee sting, while the mechanic is an old man with a wrench and a full-on TF2 lookin turret. 

There'll also be mini-golf to play while transformed into a dragon. Everyone loves mini-golf, even dragons.

Nobody Saves the World is emblematic of Guacamelee developer DrinkBox's signature chaotic-yet-considered style. "If it's a bit flabby and messy, though, Nobody Saves the World is far more often a delight," said Jon. I'd agree. It's a game that

You can find Nobody Saves the World on Steam for $25, and I'd guess that Frozen Hearth expansion will pop up on or before its release date of September 16th, 2022.

*just me and oprah, really.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.