Exclusive reveal of 11 new cards coming in WoW TCG's next set, Tomb of the Forgotten


We've been playing a lot of card games around the office lately, and the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is our current favorite. (I may never forgive Gavin for killing my character as Onyxia in our most recent raid.)

Cryptozoic's next set for the game, Tomb of the Forgotten , is inspired by the Uldum zone added to the MMO with Cataclysm. It releases on Tuesday, June 12, and we've got the first look at 11 cards in the set, including the fan-favorite Harrison Jones.

Loot card giveaway

We're giving away loot cards from this set, including pets, mounts, and sarcophagi (is that how you pluralize that?)--find out how to enter the contest here .