Exclusive reveal of 11 new cards coming in WoW TCG's next set, Tomb of the Forgotten

Now go get some cards for yourself!

That's all the cards we have to reveal today, but we've got a big interview with the makers of the TCG that goes into the background of these cards and how they were made.

Or if you're more interested in acquiring goods than knowledge, you can enter our loot card giveaway to win an in-game mount, pets, or toys.

The Tombs of the Forgotten set launches next Tuesday. If you're at all interested, I highly recommend finding a release party tournament near you to check it out .

If you're not feeling up to a competitive tournament and just want to learn the ropes of the game, I recommend starting with the Class Starter Decks or Champion Decks , which give you a pre-built deck to play with on the cheap.