Exclusive look at Rift’s newest Companion Pets


Rift's 1.3 update, the Waves of Madness, brings plenty of exciting additions to the world of Telara. Beyond the obviously awesome inclusion of new quests and Item Sets , there are also two new Companion Pets that can be earned. We have exclusive images of the delicious-looking critters below! Err, wait, we meant adorable. Yes, adorable. We don't want to eat them at all.

First, there's the Blue Shelled Crab, which we assume would be best in butter sauce. Mix in some garlic, and serve with steamed vegetables.

The Happy Seacap looks to be a little tougher, though we still suspect that it would make for a fine dish. Either deep-fried or boiled, the Seacap, with its tender legs, would make for an extremely filling meal.

Which looks the tastiest? We're torn! One thing's for certain: the Blue Shelled Crab would definitely make the best appetizer for your next party.