Exclusive guide: Get everything in Aion's Empyrean Crucible dungeon, and get out alive!

Stage 4: Balaur air drop

Next, the Illusion Stadium is hoisted into the sky by a trio of curious flying creatures (try not to stare at them for too long). While in flight, Balaur Dredgions hover above you and drop Balaur troops on the makeshift transport.

In the fifth round, the players' endurance is put to the test with an intense onslaught of Balaur soldiers.

Prize Round! Administrator Arminos appears and conjures up another challenge. This time, Drakies and Drakes will spew out of a dimensional gate, and must be slain before they reach the gate a second time.

Reward by the end of the stage: 48,000 points

Stage 5: Flying pirates

Almost halfway there! This time, you'll face either the air-pirate Shulacks of the Steel Rake or Drakan from the Draupnir Cave. However, the battle will always be fought aboard the Steel Rake, a massive airship run by pirates. The first several rounds consist of average-joe monsters, but later on, named monsters will join the mix.

Watch your footing, the floor will cave in after the fourth round, and players will face Brass-Eye Grogget or Commander Bakarma in the belly of the Steel Rake.

Reward by the end of the stage: 63,000 points

Stage 6: Under da sea

Remember when we said the dungeon kind of resembled Left 4 Dead's Survival mode? Well, that goes even moreso for this stage: players fall to the depths of the sea and must face a hoard of relentless undead. The ocean floor dredges up all manner of skeletons, liches, and ghouls--your group will have to fight together and one-on-one at different points.

This boss battle is so big that it takes up the fourth and fifth rounds, so be prepared for a long fight!

But you get rewarded for the long fight with a Prize Round ! Administrator Arminos appears, finally ready to get his hands dirty, and assaults you himself. He's not easy to take down, but man, is it satisfying after he's been pestering you the whole time.

Reward by the end of the stage: 81,000 points

2 Worthiness Ticket Boxes appear in the Ready Room.


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