Exclusive guide: Get everything in Aion's Empyrean Crucible dungeon, and get out alive!

Stage 7: Turning on the trainers

In this stage, players are teleported to snowy Morheim to face their toughest challenge yet: the Class Preceptors! Players will confront all four Class Preceptors for their race, concluding with a battle against the Stigma Master.

In the fifth round, the group faces the Stigma Master of their race, who utilizes Chanter skills and attacks.

Following the Stigma Master's defeat, a treasure chest will spawn and reward players with some well earned Kinah.

Reward by the end of the stage: 105,000 points

Stage 8: Desert brawl

This is the first of two stages of boss battles. Fighting amidst the dry heat and swirling sands of the Eltnen Desert, players will first confront Vile Judge Kromede and several other infamous monsters from Atreia.

In the fifth round, players will face RM-1337c; the most dangerous (and l33t) Lepharist creation ever conceived!

Reward by the end of the stage: 141,000 points

Stage 9: Crab shack

And now you have the second set of boss battles, beginning with a crustacean horror conjured up from the sandy shallows…the legendary Crab Norris! More boss battles follow, including an epic showdown between Heiron's Takun the Terrible and Gojira.

In the fifth round, players will face the terrible Kamara, a faceless beast that unleashes a variety of elemental attacks on its enemies.

Prize Round! The Lightning Drakie appears and begins sprinting through the Illusion Stadium. Slay it before the time runs out to have a chance at special candies and a unique pet!

Reward by the end of the stage: 200,000 points

Stage 10

You're almost there! Only one more stage to go! It's not going to be easy, though. Fend off waves of fearsome Balaur on a volcanic platform, ending in an ultimate battle with the three headed monkey--I mean dreadnaught--Tahabata Pyrelord.

And just when you think you've won it all and can finally relax, the lights in Illusion Stadium dim and players are transported to a realm outside of time and space. A realm where the nightmarish Vanktrist exists for the sole purpose of torturing your group. Good luck!

Reward by the end of the stage: 500,000 points

(players earn about 193,000 points for killing Tahabata Pyrelord alone)


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