Evolve delayed until early 2015

Take-Two Interactive has announced that Evolve , the team-based shooter being developed by Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rock, has been delayed from its planned October release until next year.

Take-Two revealed in its first-quarter results statement for FY2015 that Evolve, originally slated to come out on October 21, won't actually launch until February 10, 2015. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told MCV the decision to delay arose from the company's belief that "polish pays off," and because October, is already pretty crowded.

"When we give a title that is looking so promising, having won best of show at E3, a bit more time to make sure it is just as good as it can be, historically that has always been a good move to us," he said. "Equally, I do like the February release date, I have to tell you. If you look at our history since we took over the company seven years ago, we have largely stayed out of the Holiday period and gone into what our competitors consider 'non-traditional' release windows. And that has served us very well. In February we are going to get the benefit of this new install base from over Christmas, and February will be wide open."

Lack of polish or not, Evolve was one of the best games we played at E3 . If a delay can make it even better, I won't mind waiting.

Andy Chalk

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