EVGA’s Z10 mechanical keyboard has a built-in LCD screen for viewing stats

Do you remember Logitech's G19 keyboard with a customizable color display built into the top of the deck? It seems EVGA does, because its new Z10 mechanical keyboard also has a built-in LCD panel.

The comparison between the two is inevitable because LCD screens are not exactly commonplace in the keyboard market. There are only a few, all of them older models, like the Saitek Mad Catz Strike 7 and Razer's DeathStalker Ultimate. We supposed you could throw the Optimus Maximus into the fray as well, as each of the keys has its own OLED display.

In any event, EVGA says it built the Z10 from the ground up with gamers and enthusiasts in mind, and having an LCD screen factored into that equation. It's a customizable display that lets you monitor various stats, such as system temps, framerates, clockspeeds, and so forth. It also features custom game timers and various other functions.

Beyond the LCD panel, there is a column of five dedicated gaming/macro keys on the left side. Two more flank the up arrow, giving you seven in total. It also has dedicated media controls above the number pad, and two metal sliders—one for adjusting the volume and the other for adjusting the backlight brightness. EVGA opted to skip going the RGB route and stick with a single color backlight, in this case red.

The wrist pad attaches magnetically and can be adjusted to different lengths from the body of the keyboard. There's also a couple of built-in USB 2.0 ports.

EVGA is offering the Z10 with two types of keyswitches, including Kailh Brown and Blue. They offer similar characteristics as Cherry's MX switches, with the Brown variant being tactile and quiet, and the Blue being a louder switch (check out our guide on key switches for more info).

The Z10 is available now direct from EVGA and places like Amazon for $150. EVGA backs the keyboard with a 3-year warranty. Purchases made direct from EVGA come with a free X10 Carbon gaming mouse, until EVGA runs out of rodents. And if you need more, check our guide to the best gaming keyboards available today.

Paul Lilly

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