EVGA introduces compact and affordable B3 series power supplies

EVGA has a new set of power supplies for value-conscious buyers who don't want to skimp on features. The company's new B3 line fits the bill with 80 Plus Bronze certification, fully modular cabling, Japanese capacitors, and prices topping out at $100.

There is no need to overpay for more wattage than you need, assuming a 450W PSU is not overkill for your build. Here are the available models and their prices:

All of these models utilize a single +12V rail design with anywhere from 37.4A to 70.8A available, depending on the model.

These are also compact models—the 750W and 850W units measure 160mm long, while the rest are 150mm in length. That makes them a little shorter than the previous generation B2 models.

EVGA claims these new units are just shy of qualifying for 80 Plus Silver certification. The company also boasts tight voltage regulation (under 2 percent) and quiet cooling.

The new B3 models are available now and backed by a 5-year warranty.

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