EVE Online's new co-op expansion, Onslaught, is out now

EVE Online’s Onslaught expansion is out now, bringing players together for co-operative journeys and pitting them against each other in high-risk duels. Check out the feature teaser above. 

Playing with pals is the focus here, with CCP introducing a new co-op version of Abyssal Deadspace. This chunk of space appeared with Into The Abyss back in May and is a dangerous place—I know, with that name you’d think it would be lovely—filled with space anomalies that can quickly destroy ships. 

Pilots can now team up in groups of three to fight NPCs, scavenge and try to make it through the Abyss. If you make it to the end, avoiding death at the hands of some stellar disturbance, you’ll get the option to duke it out with another survivor. You’ll either lose everything or take your opponent’s loot along with your own. 

Expect new ships, structures and graphics tweaks, too. Finally, there’s the activity tracker. This system tracks everything from how many people you’ve killed to how much time you spend mining, giving you a visualisation of your journey and proclivities. What it doesn’t do, however, is track your activities retroactively. CCP explained how it worked in a recent blog post.

Onslaught is out now, so you’ll probably be wanting some patch notes.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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