EVE Online's PvE expansion Into the Abyss due today, here's a video detailing all the new features

EVE Online (opens in new tab)'s Into the Abyss PvE expansion, which adds a new hostile human race that inhabits uncharted Abyssal Deadspace (opens in new tab), is out today, and the video above will take you through all the new features.

CCP Games promises that the Triglavian Collective will be "the most intelligent enemies seen yet in New Eden". Beat them and you can harvest "mutaplasmids", which you can use on your existing modules. The plasmids might boost performance and increase the value of your hardware, but they might also wreck your gear completely, so you'll always be taking a risk. 

The free expansion also adds three new ships, which players on a subscription will be able to craft from blueprints. You can watch them flying around from 0:25 in the video. Those ships can also use a new weapon type, Entropic Disintegrators, which you can see at 0:36.

The idea is that you travel to Deadspace, avoid environmental obstacles such as caustic clouds, grab loot, and get out. It should be accessible to new and old players alike, but the deeper you travel, the better the rewards.

You can reach Abyssal Deadspace from almost anywhere in New Eden by activating an Abyssal Filament, which you'll be able to trade for with other players. When activated, it'll leave behind a beacon that you'll come back to when you leave Deadspace. That's dangerous, of course—other players might find your beacon and catch you on the way out, stealing your loot.

One you're done with the video, check out some exclusive screens below. That second image looks like one of the Abyssal Conduits that links pockets of Deadspace together. 

The full trailer for Into the Abyss can be found beneath the screens. 

Samuel Horti

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