EVE Online Mega Bundle includes starter pack and four add-ons for $5

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Did last month's glorious "This Is EVE" trailer fill you with an urge to seek your destiny among the stars? If so, the good people at MadOrc have a deal you might want to look into: The EVE Online Mega Bundle, including the Core Starter Pack and four add-ons, for just five bucks.

The package includes the Skirmisher, Colonist, Explorer, and Industrialist add-ons, each of which adds a new ship to the game, a full set of related skillbooks and equipment, avatar apparel, and other related bits and pieces. They normally go for $5 a pop, on top of the $20 price tag for the Core Starter Pack itself, which makes this probably the best way you're going to find to get into EVE Online short of CCP making it free to play.

The Core Starter Pack includes 30 days of game time, which unfortunately only new players are eligible for. Existing EVE players can still make use of the codes for the expansion packs, however, so it's still a sweet bargain for anyone who hasn't picked them up.

And if your first question, like mine, is, "What's this MadOrc business all about?" then I direct you to the FAQ. "MadOrc is a new eCommerce solution for gamers, and a spin-off project made by the same awesome people who created Overwolf," it states. "The product you will get is exactly the same as if you bought it for the full price. We are able to offer all those deals because we offer the sellers some serious exposure, for a discount on their product."

There is one catch: MadOrc offerings come with an expiration date. The EVE Online Mega Bundle comes to an end on December 17, and as the FAQ puts it, "When the deal's done, it's done."

Andy Chalk

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