Europa Universalis 4’s Rights of Man release date set for October

New ruler traits, events, and queen regents are but a few of the “number of small changes” Paradox Development Studio’s best-selling historical strategy game will introduce in its latest expansion. Come October 11, the launch of Rights of Man will grant developed nations greater powers, while a coinciding universal patch—number 1.18, named Prussia—will bring user interface improvements, not to mention the first overhaul of the game's technology system. 

‘Great Power’ appears to the most sophisticated addition, which gives the most powerful forces options to “bully or entice” weaker nations. Monarchs will also acquire traits that facilitate bonuses and penalties to their respective nations—which in turn affects how they converse with neighbouring rivals. “Beware the conqueror next door, but be nice to the generous king across the river,” says Paradox. “He may have some gold to spare in your time of need.”

As Andy reported a couple of weeks back, Rights of Man adds a list of subtle adjustments that may not revolutionise the existing Europa Universalis idea, however will collectively change a fair bit. Revolutionary Republics, for example, will now have factions to balance; while the Ottoman Empire will contend with Harem Politics events—both of which have scope to alter battlefield tactics quite significantly.

Europa Universalis 4’s Rights of Man expansion is due October 11, as is its Prussia 1.18 patch which is available to all players.