EU giveaway: win a Vindictus closed beta key

[bcvideo id="1106624981001"]

The closed beta for action MMO, Vindictus is headed to Europe. The Source-powered brawler will be crashing onto European servers next Thursday September 15, and we're offering you the chance to grab a key right now. All you need to do is open the huge stone doors below and beta access is yours. I'm not kidding, there is a giant stone door down there. Go see.

Once you've got your key, you can redeem it on the Vindictus site as soon as the beta goes live next Thursday. The key will still be valid until Monday 19 September. As long as you validate your code in that window, you're in, free to hack up the evil hordes of Mabinogi until the beta ends. The free-to-play hack and slash will get a full release later this year. Meanwhile, I promised you a door. Here it is!


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