ESL One New York 2015 competition: the results!

ESL One New York 2014 Trophy

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Last week, we asked you to come up with your best variation on recurring Dota phrase "too easy for Arteezy" for a short at two premium tickets to ESL One New York and a bunch of additional goodies. Total value, $400.

It's been a tough judging process. We received over a hundred entries, many including loads of attempts, and only a handful of them actually rhymed. Our winner is somebody whose entry will probably break this page, and who managed to convince me for a couple of moments that something had gone terribly wrong with our email server. It hadn't—they just know their numbers, and are probably a huge show-off.

The winner!

"Too 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196442881097566593344612847564823378678316527120190914564856692346034861045432664821339360726024914127372458700660631558817488152092096282925409171536436789259036001133053054882046652138414695194151160943305727036575959195309218611738193261179310511854807446237996274956735188575272489122793818301194912983367336244065664308602139494639 for ALWAYSWANNAFLY."

Jordan Ensing

...who also wins the Everybody Clap For The Giant Smartass Award, for what it's worth. Congrats, Jordan. We'll be in touch about your prize.

There's no space here to list off every entry, but I do have a number of no-prizes to give out. They are as follows.

The Thanks For That Mental Image Award goes to...

"One bikini for Merlini"

Jason Small

The On-Point Sociopolitical Commentary Award goes to...

"Two tin foil hats for Twitch chat"

Cam Pratt

The Thanks Man, My Day Job Is Literally Knowing Words Award goes to...

"Too tricksy for Trixi (tricksy is a word)"

The North

The Thanks For The Helpful Picture Award goes to...


John Hunt

The Thanks For Making Me Spit Coffee At Work Award goes to...

"Two cups for Mynuts"

Christian Slot

Thanks to everybody that entered—I'm sorry that we've only got one prize to give out. We'll be running many more giveaways like this one in the future, and check back soon for more ESL One New York coverage.

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