EpiQuake mod updates sounds, music with high-quality recordings

Quake uh oh

The first Quake helped to turn the FPS genre into the behemoth it is today, but it also represented one of the earliest collaborations between a videogame developer and a bona fide rock star. Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor engineered the majority of the familiar roars, blams, and brooding score of the old-school shooter, though what's heard doesn't hold up well with today's audio standards. That's a problem modder beckett007 hopes to fix with his EpiQuake mod which replaces nearly the entirety of Quake's sound library with original high-fidelity effects and musical tracks.

The mod's description goes over what you'll get on download:

"[The sounds] are all still in the same vein as Reznor's original sounds but in some cases darker, more cinematic, and most importantly full HD quality at 44.1 16 bit! In fact, many of the sounds stem from the original ideas and then expand on them while keeping them consistent with the Quake world. Make no mistake, this is not one of the many humorous Quake sound mods out there. This is deadly serious and will take your Quake experience to the next level."

And as any Quake vet knows, getting to the next level is all that matters. Beckett007—who cannot confirm or deny his secondary role as a secret agent—claims all audio in the mod is "100 percent original and in some cases stem from newly recorded foley and/or vocal work." It must've been quite a sight seeing someone growl like a wounded bobcat while recording noises for the lovable, chainsaw-swinging Ogre.

Grab EpiQuake over at Mod DB .

Omri Petitte

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