Epic Store version of Axiom Verge briefly crashed because it was missing file Steam.xnb

Image via Resetera

Image via Resetera

The current free game on the Epic Games Store, Metroid-inspired platformer Axiom Verge, has been on Steam since 2015. But the Epic Store version was briefly missing a sound effect file named Steam, which caused it to crash when loading a new area. This didn't happen at the very beginning of the game, but was spotted by game developer Scott LaGrasta and confirmed by other Twitter users and posters on the Steam forums.

As with other Epic Store games that have had problems, users have turned to the Steam forums to post their issues, since Epic is missing features like support forums.

"It's happening to everyone. When you check the log file, it says it crashed because it was missing a sound file named 'Steam.xnb," one Steam poster wrote. "(FWIW, the crash occurs because that third area begins with a bunch of steam pipes)."

Developer Tom Happ spotted the issue and owned up to the mistake: a Ctrl+F gone wrong.

Happ has already released an update, version 1.46, that should resolve the issue. I can confirm that the vital sound of steam is now included in Axiom Verge's files. Disaster averted.

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