The Epic Games Store patch notes for December 2019

Epic Games Store patch notes - October 2019

Epic Games Store Client 10.8.1 & 10.8.2

  • Bug fixes

Epic Games Store Client 10.8.0

  • Added option in settings menu to allow users to enable downloads while running applications
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the cloud save conflict screen to appear at incorrect times
  • Bug fixes
  • Crash fixes

Epic Games Store Client 10.7.1

  • Resolved an issue blocking Mac OSX 10.15
  • Bug fixes

Epic  Games Store Web 6.3.4

  • Bug fixes

Epic Games Store Web 6.3.3

  • Support for future work

Epic Games Store Web 6.3.2

  • Resolved an issue that could leave users in a loading state after navigation

Epic Games Store Client 10.7.0

  • Added additional cloud save error messaging
  • Support for Thai localization
  • Cloud saves now create a copy of local save data when syncing cloud data
  • Bug fixes

Epic Games Store Web 6.3.1

  • Bug Fix

Epic Games Store Web 6.3.0

  • Added support for Thai localization
  • Bug fixes

Epic Games Store client 10.6.2

  • Bug fix

Epic Games Store client 10.6.1

  • Support for game overlay feature
  • Performance improvements for users with very large friend lists

Epic Games store client 10.6.0

  • Improvements to cloud saves feature
  • Improvements to the game invites flow

Epic Games store web 6.2.0

  • Bug fixes

Epic Games Store patch notes - September 2019

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games store client 10.5.7

  • Resolved a crash that could occur when a user attempted to join a friend playing Borderlands 3

Epic Games Store web 6.0.0

  • Added a list view and sorting options to the game library

Epic Games Store client 10.5.6

  • Resolved an issue that could result in local files being over written by cloud save files.
  • Updated trouble shooting page to search for the correct back end.

Epic Games Store client 10.5.5

  • Bug fixes

Epic Games Store client 10.5.4 (web 5.2.0)

  • Support for Traditional Chinese 
  • Support for improved parental controls

Epic Games Story client 10.5.3

  • Client support for improved experiences when joining games through the launcher
  • Resolved an issue where multi factor authentication was not remembering user devices

Epic Games Store web 5.1.0

  • Added playtime tracking stats to game settings menus

Epic Games Store client 10.5.2

  • Resolved a crash

Epic Games Store client 10.5.1

  • General improvements to cloud saves

Epic Games Store web 5.0.3

  • Top nav bar is now sticky

Epic Games Store web 5.0.2

  • Resolved an issue that caused many videos to be permanently muted

Epic Games Store client 10.5.0

  • Resolved a crash
  • Support for future features

Epic Games Store client 10.4.0

  • Improved sign in and account creation flows

Epic Games Store patch notes - August 15, 2019

Cloud Saves

We’ve added Cloud Save support for the following games over the past month:

  • Alan Wake
  • Close to the Sun
  • Darksiders III
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Genesis Alpha One
  • GNOG
  • Hyperlight Drifter 
  • Kingdom New Lands
  • Limbo
  • Moonlighter
  • Mutant Year Zero 
  • Overcooked
  • Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter
  • The Sinking City
  • This War Of Mine
  • World War Z

Additionally, all Ubisoft titles have supported cloud saves since launch through Uplay integration.

We’re working with the developers of other released games to test cloud saves, and will be enabling more games over time. Upcoming games that support Cloud Saves will have them enabled at launch!

Humble Bundle Keyless Integration

Today we are launching keyless integration with Humble Bundle and Humble Store. You can link your Epic Games account to your Humble account, enabling you to purchase games directly from the Humble store without requiring a redemption key. You can enable this feature by logging into your Humble account, going to the “Settings” option and linking your Epic Games account.

This is one step we are taking towards creating an open ecosystem for players, and we’re looking at more partnerships with highly reputable digital game sellers. 

Refreshed Product Pages

All of our product pages have received a face-lift, meaning you’ll see visual and informational improvements to your favorite titles. The new pages offer beefier game descriptions, better release date visibility for upcoming titles, and allow for additional imagery and videos. This is being done to give developers more control over the presentation of their games, and also for customers to make better purchase decisions.

Epic Games Store patch notes - July 2019

Epic Games Store Client 10.3.2

  • Resolved an issue with the Unreal Engine plugin update flow that could result in the UE launch button displaying "Update" instead of "Launch"

This version of the Epic Games Store does not officially support cloud saves, but some eagle-eyed Redditors have noticed that the feature is being tested on a few games. Epic is still targeting July for a full roll-out of this feature. The global toggle to enable cloud saves is located in the EGS launcher settings menu.

Epic Games Store Update 10.3.1

  • Resolved an issue that prevented some users from completing launcher updates.

Epic Games Store client 10.3.0

  • Support for upcoming features

Epic Games Store web 4.23.0

  • Improved web caching behavior

Epic Games Store web 4.22.1

  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from navigating to mod kit pages.

Epic Games Store web 4.22.0

  • Support for upcoming features

Epic Games Store web 4.21.8

  • Support for the improved messaging contained in Epic Games Store Client 10.2.5

Epic Games Store client 10.2.5

  • Improved messaging around patching, notifying users when they are experiencing sub-optimal patching due to limited disk space.
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