Endless Space 2 unveils The Vaulters DLC

In preparation for its self-assigned 'Endless Day' later this month, Endless Space 2 has revealed its first expansion. 

Named The Vaulters, the stars of the sci-fi strategy game's new DLC are, yup, the Vaulters—a roving civilization that have featured in every Endless game to date. 

"Did you know that in Dungeon of the Endless you play the crew that will ultimately become the Vaulters in Endless Legend?" asks publisher Sega in a statement. "Auriga is a small world."

Whether you knew that or not, the Vaulters expansion brings with it a population that can teleport using the Argosy coloniser ship. That beast features briefly in the following trailer:

Of course, the Vaulters also boast their own heroes, tech, buildings, a new starting special node, and, as you might expect, a new main quest. Playing to their space buccaneer expertise, Vaulters can also claim ships as their own and new Pirate Diplomacy features enable leader negotiations.    

In celebration of Endless Day, developer Amplitude has also launched a free community challenge add-on that introduces new events, ship models and skins. More on that be read here or seen here:

Endless Space 2's The Vaulters expansion is due on January 25, 2018. More on Endless Day can found this-a-way