Endless Legend adds modding support, Halloween-themed side quest

Endless Legend

Amplitude Studios' small stable of interconnected strategy games opened its doors to the public yesterday, with the addition of modding tools for their fantasy 4X Endless Legend. They came as part of the game's Halloween update, which also added a seasonal side quest and a few other small bits and bobs. If you're keen to see what can be done with the game, you'll find a bunch of tutorials here.

That new, Halloweeny side quest unlocks "a new Broken Lords' Hero and a new item" to the game, while bug fixes include tweaks to the AI and solutions for issues related to quest items. It's not a huge patch, other than that modding support, but the ability to add new quests, skills, items, assets and so on, and to change the behaviour of the game's factions and heroes, is always welcome in any strategy game.

Dan liked Endless Legend quite a bit when he reviewed it the other week. (Ta, RPS.)

Tom Sykes

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