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Endless Dungeon basically looks like anime space Diablo, with turrets

The excellent-looking roguelike Endless Dungeon received a new trailer at today's Summer Game Fest, showcasing some of the characters and tactics players can expect. Developer Amplitude previously made Dungeon of the Endless and this is a successor of sorts, though that game was top-down pixel art and this is in an isometric 3D style.

That is one of Endless Dungeon's big selling points, to me at least: it looks like an anime Diablo. I do love a bit of dungeon looting but it is noticeable how many games in the genre default to some sort of grim fantasy setting. Give me shiny robots and some sort of space plague doctor any day.

The game is a combination of action and tower defense for up to three players (you can play solo and then control the full squad), with shooting-based combat and various offensive gadgets. There's the usual exploratory element but also 'crystals' that your team has to guard from enemies, and if they're destroyed then the run's over.

There's nothing especially Earth-shattering about the 'rules' Endless Dungeon bangs on about—does anyone really need to be told to work together in a co-op game—but this does look like a lot of fun, and I'm sold on the chonky cosmic plague doctor falling all over the place.

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