End of Nations final closed beta event starts October 4

Petroglyph's massive MMORTS End of Nations heads into its final closed beta event on October 4 to October 9, granting testers access to the recently revealed co-op mode, a new tutorial system and a sprawling 56-player map itching for explosion chains, tank swarms, and craters forming bigger craters. Signups are still available, and participants nab 500 bonus in-game credits for tossing their armies into the blender for the duration of the test.

End of Nation's journey through multiple design iterations since its announcement in 2010 resulted in major restructurings of unit design, HUD layout, and visual style alongisde the adoption of a free-to-play system late last year. A culminating closed beta should hopefully speed Nations onto the shelf soon, though Petroglyph still doesn't have a solid release date.

Omri Petitte

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