Elemental devs giving away sequel to "show fans we've learned from our mistakes"

Elemental Fallen Enchantment

Speaking at GDC today, President of Stardock, Brad Wardell, has announced that the company are giving away their sequel to Elemental, Elemental: Fallen Enchantress as compensation for the original game's disastrous launch . The sequel will be free to anyone who bought Elemental before October 31, 2010.

During "The Failure Workshop" Brad said "We're going to spend a couple of million dollars and give the sequel away to show our fans we've learned from our mistakes. We released Elemental two days early because we were so excited for people see it. We wanted our fans to see the masterpiece we'd put out."

We awarded Elemental 70% in our review , and revisited it after a significant patch was released.

For more information on Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, visit the official website .