Elder Scrolls Online video shows off group content, Dark Anchor battles

A new dev play video for The Elder Scrolls Online has popped up, this time focused on the types of content that groups can look forward to . Zenimax Online makes a point of saying that it's not going to force us to play with other people if we don't want to, but there is an awful lot of cool stuff waiting if we do.

The first bit of news is that fast travel returns to Tamriel, which isn't exactly a surprise. Opening the map and opting to fast travel teleports you to your chosen city. If you're already in a group, you can travel directly to your group members, which should make rendezvous nice and easy.

The video also shows off quite a bit of a Dark Anchor encounter, a group battle setpiece that begins when shadow mages conducts a ritual sacrifice. Molag Bal, the daedric prince of Oblivion, is trying to pull Tamriel into his realm by dropping enormous iron anchors and…just pulling, I guess. Groups of players will have to fight off waves of daedra while releasing pinions to break the anchor and close the Oblivion Gate overhead. It's nice to see a battlemage wearing heavy armor and throwing fireballs around, which is a good example of the freeform class system ESO will enjoy.

Elder Scrolls Online will be released on April 4 , and we recently learned that it will have a $15 monthly subscription fee .