Elden Ring character creation leaks

During the Elden Ring network test, players were only allowed to choose from a set of five pre-designed characters rather than diving into the full character creation system. Life finds a way, however, and YouTube channel ER-SA has given us our first look at that character creator, albeit with most of the text blanked out and many options that are presumably work-in-progress.

Still, you can see it's quite in-depth. Looks like there are 10 classes to choose from, as is par for the course in Soulsborne games. The leaker settles for one that seems to be Elden Ring's version of the Deprived, with no armor, a club and a shield and straight 10s across the board in all stats. Looks like they've got a second club in the inventory though, maybe for dual-club-wielding action?

Apparently Elden Ring's graphics team felt pressured by the Demon's Souls remake, feeling a need to match its level of fidelity. If the hairstyles are anything to go by, they succeeded. There are plenty of sliders for customizing your appearance, and as the video's description notes, "finally you can easily create a good looking character now". Of course, they demonstrate the options by monsterizing their character, maxing out all the sliders and choosing an outlandish skin color.

Wes Fenlon played Elden Ring's network test last year, and thought it nailed the combat and RPG systems, but found the open world exploration to be largely bland, at least in the early areas. The rest of us will be able to find out for ourselves when Elden Ring releases on February 25.


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