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Egress is a neat looking battle royale focused on Souls-like combat

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The inevitable Souls-like battle royale has arrived in the form of Egress, and while it's still very much in-development, it shows a lot of promise. Fazan Studios released a substantial chunk of gameplay footage overnight, and it shows a 1v1 skirmish set in a world that bears  a strong resemblance to From Software's PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. 

In keeping with the Bloodborne comparisons, Egress takes place in an "alternate universe combining the Victorian era" and "Lovecraft's mythology". Rather than the traditional closing circle of a battle royale game, Egress takes place in a multi-leveled cityscape harried by rising flood waters. 

There will be several hero classes with  unique abilities, as well as both solo and team modes. According to the footage below, it looks like each game will accommodate at least 21 players. The game hasn't released yet, but you can sign up to take part in testing on the game's website.

Here's the footage:

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