Editor's note: improvements on PCGamer.com

We've been listening to your feedback about the site and we're doing something about it. In the next few days, our comments will temporarily close as we begin the process of implementing a new and improved system. We anticipate this will fix all of the existing issues with commenting on articles, and will let you interact with other readers, and us, in a much simpler and more enjoyable way.

One unfortunate by-product of this change to PCGamer.com is that we will lose our forum and current log-in system. A mixture of technical problems and a general decline in use has necessitated a change in how we think about the structure of our community. As it is, many of our gaming communities have already moved to Enjin with our endorsement and support. The forum has been an important part of our identity in the past, and we hope to retain its spirit—but in its current form, its day is done.

While we appreciate this will be a wrench for some, we hope you understand that we have to focus on what we think is the best format for conversation on the site. And we believe that's going to be the new commenting system.

We also encourage our existing forum users to head to our flourishing Steam group, or to check out our complete server pages for both the US and UK, where you can join our extensive and passionate in-game communities. Then, of course, you can follow us on Twitter @PCGamer or like our Facebook page , where you can also sound off about the latest news, reviews and features from PCGamer.com. Your feedback means a lot to us.

Lastly, we know that there have been other technical issues with the site. I think at times we could have communicated what was happening better, but weren't always in a position to promise immediate improvements. Now we're much better placed. Later this year PCGamer.com will be redesigned in a way we think will excite our community. We want to give you the site you deserve—an improved comments system is the first step towards delivering that.


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